The Five Most Important Holidays in Japan

Coming-of-Age Day

Japan has many different holidays that carry a lot of meaning and have years of tradition behind them. Here we’ll introduce the top five most important holidays in Japan, going in reverse order starting with number five.

The fifth most important holiday in Japan is Seijin no Hi, or “Coming-of-Age Day.” On this day, people who turn twenty during the current school year, which runs between April until the following March, celebrate their coming of age. In Japan, when people turn twenty, society legally recognizes them as an adult, and they are able to drink alcohol and vote. The festival was created as a Japanese national holiday in 1947 when it was set to January 15th. However, this holiday was moved to the second Monday in January in 1999 as a result of the “Happy Monday System,” the Japanese government’s decision to move more holidays to Monday to create a three-day weekend for those who normally have a five-day workweek. More

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