Using Photoshop

Found this very helpful guide online.For those who use Phtoshop this is a very well explained way to create an anime character.Load Photoshop and with a bit of luck try to create something beautiful as below!Credits to the creator.

Kanji de Manga Vol 3 cover image

I used to CG trace my pictures, but I have found that that takes too long, and that it is easier just to use an inked sketch. Once you have decided what picture you want to color, retrace the image onto a clean piece of paper and carefully ink it. It usually helps to use big paper and thin pens, so you can get a really crisp, thin outline. If you mess up the inking, you can clean it up with whiteout or by fixing it in Photoshop. Erase any extra pencil lines and get the inked outline as clean as possible. If you don’t like inking pictures, you can try using just pencil. It is possible to get clean pencil lines that work as well as inked lines, if you adjust the brightness/contrast properly. Scan the outline and load it into Photoshop. Make sure your outline is in RGB mode before you continue. To put your outline in RGB mode, go to the Image menu on the top bar, then Mode, and RGB Color. More


How to Draw Female Bodies

Kanji de Manga Vol 3 cover image

I am going to begin this tutorial by addressing one of the most common requests that I receive: how to draw women’s breasts (heh, I never thought I’d actually be making a tutorial about this…. ^_^). One of the most important things you should consider is to make your subject look natural; you can draw an attractive female without making her look like a “silicon implant ad,” as a friend of mine put it. ^_^


Stuffed Rolled Omelette – Mawaru Penguindrum

The Best Japanese Phrases – Learn Your Japanese Teacher’s Favorite Phrases


The Best Japanese Phrases – Learn Your Japanese Teacher’s Favorite Phrases


Japanese Lesson1


The Writing System

The Japanese writing system uses two syllabic scripts, known separately as hiragana (ひらがな) and katakana (カタカナ) and collectively as kana (かな), as well as thousands of Chinese characters known as kanji (漢字). Each script serves a different function. We use hiragana for grammatical elements and for words that do not use kanji (or for words where the author doesn’t know the kanji). We most frequently use katakana to write borrowed words of foreign origin and onomatopoeic sound effects. Finally, we use kanji for words of both Japanese and Chinese origin as well as many Japanese names. More

Let’s Learn Japanese!

Εικόνα1Welcome to my fresh and new category!Learning a language isn’t easy, but by enjoying the experience and turning it into an interactive game you can truly have a lot of fun. Moreover by learning you’re exercising your brain, and so you should be faster at memorizing and doing simple mental exercises. When you learn a new language you need to put words and verbs together, which works your brain. Also, it’s the best way to be more open to a whole new culture!Hope you’ll enjoy these lessons as musc as I! More Webchat