Top 15 Anime Powers

Seeing a strong hero or opponent in an anime series is always catching my eye and attention.So there you have it.A list with the most prefered anime powers.It is listed according to my liking but any other suggestions are more than welcome!

1.Super Saiyan – Dragonball

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Anime Bentos!

Check out these amazing anime themed bento boxes! They look so delicious!I’d probably never touch my bento if it looked like those below and keep it as a memento! 😛



10 Most Sexy Anime Moms


10.Haruka Ouma – Guilty Crown

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Top 20 Romance Anime you MUST watch!

Inspired from a fellow blogger who gave the idea to me,I decided to make a list of the anime any person must have watched at least once!I’ve watched all the anime I have listed below and I have put them in order according to my liking.

1)Kaichou wa Maid-sama

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5 Female Anime Characters Worth Hating


Making even Miaka seem less annoying by comparison.

About a month ago I made a blog post here on Otaku Lounge that discussed 5 of the worst anime I’d seen in recent years. I decided it might be pretty fun to follow that up by writing another post in the same vein – only this time, about 5 of the worst anime characters.

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9 Entirely Strange Japanese Series About Cooking And Food

1. Chuuka Ichiban!

A “cooking war” rages in 19th Century China. Expert chefs duel each other by vomiting up the perfect golden fried rice, finding legendary cooking knives, and making dumplings the size of tables. Tofu glistens like a billion suns. There’s also a underground society of 108 evil chefs who want to control all of China.

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7 Characters With Insatiable Appetites

Taking down alien threats, saving local ecosystems, and being a pirate can really work up an appetite. This is especially true if you’re a strong, burly shonen anime hero fighting to save the world. A guy like that needs more than your wimpy 2,000 calorie diet.
7. Hei (Darker than Black) The otherwise emotionless assassin Hei cares about two things: his sister and eating absurd amounts of food. While masquerading as a Chinese exchange student, Hei is seen confusing waitstaff with his giant orders of food and devouring more bowls of ramen in one sitting than most would eat in a year. Hei eats the most when he’s mentally stable, a rare occurance for a contract killer.


Most Memorable Quotes Pt2

Angels banished from heaven have no choice but to become devils.
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Unforgettable Anime Character Quotes Pt1

While watching anime there are some times,that our favorite characters say something worth to remember.But because I’m not so good in memorizing,I’ll give you a list of those that come in mind! More

Strange Anime Part 2

So, I was surfing the net the other night and I found another list with strange anime plots.Let’s take a look then!

Ranma 1/2

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