Top 15 Anime Powers

Seeing a strong hero or opponent in an anime series is always catching my eye and attention.So there you have it.A list with the most prefered anime powers.It is listed according to my liking but any other suggestions are more than welcome!

1.Super Saiyan – Dragonball

goku super saiyan

2.Alchemy – FMA

Alchemy in FMA

3.Hollow – Bleach

Hollow Ichigo's

4.Nen – Hunter x Hunter


5.Magic – Fairytail

Fairytail Magic

6.Geass – Code Geass

code geass

7.Death Note

anime writing death note

8.Kagune – Tokyo Ghoul

Kagune Tokyo Ghoul

9.Rinnegan – Naruto


10.Satan’s Blue Flames – Ao No Exorcist

Satan's Blue Flames

11.Vector Manipulation – Toaru Majutsu no Index


12.Titan Form – Attack on Titan

Titan Form

13.Devil Fruit – One Piece

14.Contractors – Darker than Black

contractors darker than black

15.Ultimate Vampire – Hellsing Ultimate

Ultimate Vampire (Hellsing Ultimate)




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