3 Ways To Draw Naruto Uzumaki

This is for all for Naruto fans! Enjoy!

1.How to Draw Naruto Easy

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How to Draw Pikachu!!

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How to Draw Anime and Manga Mouth,Ears and Noses

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Omurice – Maid Sama!

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Omurice, believe it or not, is a simplistic and classic dish. Someone once wrote that it is the Japanese answer to a grilled cheese sandwich:easy, and perfect for brunches and kids’ breakfasts.It’s also a great way to show your feeling to someone in a more special way.Now all you have to do is get your ingredients and with some luck everything will be achieved!


Kuroko No Basket Gallery


Maid Sama! Gallery


How to Draw Anime Woman Figures


Here is a simple tip to keep in mind when starting your drawing of the female body anime style. It is written for you in the step so that you can enlarge it and read the tip with ease.

How to Draw Anime Bodies


Have you’ve ever sat down, and had this extravagant vision to create from pencil to paper? As you sketch, you start to realize, that your vision isn’t turning out so well. You pace and sweat, scribble, and erase. In the end, you result with something totally arbitrary to your original vision. This is because, unskilled artists see things differently than skilled artists. A skilled artist knows their limits by ‘learning’ and experimenting; most of all, practicing. As you learn to draw, your passion will overpower that feeling of ‘defeat’. This simple tutorial, will touch base with very basic principles of drawing anime bodies.

Sebastian’s Very Own Fresh Raspberry Parfait

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Difference Between Anime And Manga



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